I'm definitely jumping the gun on the festivity, considering it's still boiling outside (well it was yesterday!), but I feel like I can get away with it unless I'm whipping out the red and green together - don't worry guys, Christmas jumpers won't be out until December (ok, late November...)! Also the colours of this combo work with the whole 'it's Halloween this week' thing. I actually wore this to a photoshop lecture... for all they knew I had a super cool party to get to straight after, and wasn't just rushing home to a boxfit class... 

The dress truly is such gorgeous colours, it changes in the light which you may be able to notice from the excessive amount of photos below of it! I experimented with ways to pair this sequin jumper with it, finding by just tying it around the waist made a nice feature! The jumper equally looks gorgeous with change of light, and the colour of the sequins really compliment the colours of the dress. Where it is actually a chunky knit, with sequins on the outside, it is a really comfy garment - which I find rare with sequinned items!

And of course I had to go with my two navy items of the moment, these Shellys London boots and this navy faux fur coat by Fashion Union! 

Dress: Motel (20% off of Motel with 'thingsidothinkandbuy')