So this is my 'first impressions' outfit for an induction I had at London College of Fashion, before starting on Thursday. I may have only lasted an hour or so at said induction (group activities aren't for me) but the point was I tired!!! I didn't want to turn up looking ridiculously dressed up, but at the same time, of course I wanted people to think 'hey look at that fashionista'! Turns out I don't think a lot of people cared as much as I did (classic me) but I was still happy with my casual, again 'model off duty' look, which I later wore to the Skinny Dip London event!

I love a good pair of ripped jeans as I'm sure you've seen, so I found these to be a great colour for autumn, pairing with a hat in the berry colour to match! I actually wore the sunnies whenever I could to give off the mysterious 'you can't see me eyes' look... but for the photos realised I looked an absolute tool and took them off!

Roll neck black jumper = easiest thing to throw on but still look moderately fashionable, layering up with this monochrome duster coat from In Love With Fashion. 

Yes that is another Grafea, how amazing is this? I've started stocking up on darker colours for autumn - red, burgundy and now black. This black one is SO NICE, it's almost like a matte finish and seriously looks like I mean business when I wear it.