After talking to Lucia about her His & Her's post I felt inspired to bully my boyfriend into doing one too! Bank Fashion were on board, so thanks to them for this one - my boyfriend was very chuffed with his 'free clothes', haha! ...Not so much much about the posing to the internet though!

I thought it was about time my blog met the guy behind most of my photos though, so here he is, Charlie Price. I'm mentioning his surname because isn't it funny that we are both Char and combined our surnames make Fisher-Price.
Always when parcels arrive at the door I got 'Char please can you get me free clothes?' but he expected to have these 'free clothes' for nothing, oh no, oh no! So he did work for these ones (not as hard as I do!) and you can see all of his photos over on his blog! 

As for my outfit, I wanted to go with an autumn look yet again! Navy with orange is such a good shout, so that's what I went with here. You can probably tell I'm a little obsessed with Shellys London shoes right now, but trust me, these navy boots are what dreams are made of! I just really liked the colours of this two piece, thinking it could be versatile for those hotter days or the unfortunately cold ones. I didn't want to over do the orange, so just went for a pop of it with the orange Shore Watch and the coral lip. 

The coat is actually a Fashion Union number which I LOVE. The quality is great and it is such a good navy, if you can define what navys are good! Fashion Union is also stocked at Bank, but also worth checking out their site. I'm excited to be saying I'm shooting with them quite soon!

Sorry we look a bit wooden, I added a laughing one to the end. Once my braces are off, I will have expressions again! Are couples posts something you guys like seeing, should we do more? I have a sneaky Superdry one also coming up soon!

(All stocked at Bank Fashion)


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