Any of you still outfit-less for Halloween?! I was until a couple minutes ago. I just thought I'd share my outfit which has been a weight lifted off of my shoulders (make sure ad blocker if off to see the widget of items)!


You can get 24% off of the whole Halloween shop at PLT with 'SPOOK24', and if you spend over £40 (easily done on PLT!!!) it is free next day delivery in time for tomorrow with 'NEXTDAY40'! If not, it is £4.99 delivery to arrive in time for Halloween! 

As you can probably see, I'm going for the bad bitch (lol) vampire vibe, I actually really like the velvet set, so it is something which can be worn again after which is also a bonus. I never get the whole 'spend money on clothes to cut up and cover in blood and never wear again' thing. Hope this has given some inspiration, or helped some of you out who could still be stressing! Now I just need to pop to Camden before tomorrow night for some cool looking contacts and fake blood!