Like florals for spring, tartan is always going to be one of those timeless autumn looks. I couldn't help but get my hands on this big ol' scarf from Quiz, with the matching bowler hat - also complete with ribbon of tartan. Since being a university student again, I've been looking for quick easy looks and in that time, hats have been my saviour! You'll notice I've been wearing my hair straight a lot, that's just because I haven't had time to curl, however for the days when my hair doesn't fall acceptably straight (I don't own any straighteners!), I've found this messy plait to do the job, quickly curling the ends! I've tried to master the fishtail braid, however yet again I have been defeated - just like 8 year old me reading S Club Style back in the day.
Although I love expressing myself through clothes, I do have to take into consideration comfort, especially when heels aren't necessary for a day of lectures... these Chelsea boots by Deichmann have provided me with a comfy, low heel, more casual boot for autumn! The weather has been a bit erratic over the past few days, so I took the safe bet with these trusyt Joni jeans, because I've had too many skirt disasters recently with this wind!!! The black roll neck jumper I'm sure I've featured two thousand times, but what a great staple, and of course - this red coat (also featured the other day) is everything right now! Likewise my black Grafea - perfect for university!

I've also attached a few photos at the end of me frolicking around in the leaves ha! Look at that sheer happiness in my face!! SEE I CAN SMILE, just not on cue. (Also excuse the quality, these were snapped in the last few minutes of daylight!)