Back in September Lasula contacted me with a collaboration idea, where I styled up 3 of their outfits. To keep a theme I suggested me picking some of their monochrome items, as I'm least familiar with wearing black and white, and they agreed it would be a good idea!
These 3 outfits are the results. From outfit one, to outfit three, I have also lost 3.5KG (7/8lbs) so that may be funny if you can notice, and I've also had my hair done! Safe to say I'm looking a little more together with life by outfit three ha! 

I think this would shock a lot of people to be a casual dog walking outfit of mine, but yes - I wore this to the beach to walk my dog! Hey who says you have to wear sweatpants to walk your dog? As long as you're comfy, I say dress how you damned like! And no it wasn't a handbag dog, just your regular Jack Russell.

I liked this faux leather set as I just think monochrome stripes are timeless, also so easy to dress up. I just layered it with this faux fur white coat, along with black accessories and shoes. I can't say the lighting does my skin/hair colour much justice here, I wish I could blame it on dodgy fake tan...

Outfit two: Check Mate Dress

Keeping to the monochrome theme I went for this checked dress, with a slight petticoat. As this is more of a statement piece, I thought it would work well with block colour, so went for the pop of pink with the lips and blazer! I definitely plan to wear this one for a night at Cirque le Soir, as it has that American Horror Story Freakshow vibe going on, which I'm loving right now. The petticoat underlay makes for a flattering flair at the waist, which I also think is a nice touch. 

For my final outfit, it wouldn't be right if I hadn't picked a LBD for a monochrome outfit challenge! This is actually my favourite outfit, despite being the most Wednesday Addams (well, sort of...), which is most unlike me. I think it may be because I'm in festive season party mode, where anything with a shimmer catches my eye! It doesn't show up well on camera but the dress actually features an all over glitter! I've also paired this up with another Lasula item, one of their longline black jackets, which will be a versatile item for me to wear with other outfits. I had to pair this outfit up with my black fluffy heels, as what's a festive night out outfit without them?!

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I hope you enjoyed my three looks, and something a little bit different today! I always find it interesting when people have free run of a website, what outfits they come up with. What was your favourite of mine?
Lasula doesn't just stock monochrome though, so if you would like to see their full range, you can find it here:

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