Every now and again, I like to remind myself that I can dress elegantly and, if not for the scruffy hair, fit in within a sophisticated crowd! Perhaps in my time spent with Arabella, her elegance has slightly worn off on me (I say whilst typing this in ripped jeans...)! 
The weather yesterday was an odd one, bright sunshine with intervals of rain. These were taken whilst sheltering from the rain! I think a park looks the most beautiful in the autumn months (other than white with snow), the golden leaves dancing in the wind, whilst squirrels rummage! 
Although undeniably this outfit could have been worn in the summer, I tried to make it as October as I could, layering up a kimono to give a lace effect under the blazer. Since London Fashion Week I've been obsessed with this cut of skirt by Missguided - it sits on my slimmest part and for all you guys know, my thighs could be the size of jupiter under there and you wouldn't be any wiser! (FYI, gym everyday for the past 3 weeks though guys...)
The shoes hold a funny story. Don't attempt to be in heels 14 hours, no matter how comfy they are. I made that fatal mistake the first day of LFW and had to run to the nearest Topshop to get these - £28 later and I was determined to wear them again, so here they are!

(Also, funny that this kid recognised me from about 4 months before!!)