First of all, sorry about the god awful pout. My braces are off in a months time though, so hopefully we shall wave goodbye to it!
Yesterday was the first day the air had a chill to it, so I full on dressed the part. I've been dying to layer up and dress for the season for quite some time now, so I took full advantage of it yesterday, but now today I'm just cold and miss the summer.
I'm back on the Isle of Wight for the weekend, as some of you may know, my beloved 7 year old springer spaniel has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Isle of Wight = best backgrounds for blog photos, just saying. 
These were taken on a little dusk walk with my friend Jess, where we were joined by a very chubby black cat who took a shining to me and later fell asleep on my lap! I'm always so busy in London, and London is always so busy in general, so it is nice to just sit on a pier, watching the sun go down, with nothing but the noise of the water sloshing against the parked boats, a few birds talking to one another and a big fat cat purring on your lap. 
These colours for me = autumn winter. The Rocket Dog boots were not something I'd normally go for, but I loved the tartan detailing and thought they'd be a perfect comfy boot for walks, and I was correct! 
The rest of the outfit really is Missguided in their seasonal glory. I am collecting these coats by the dozen, I feel I gotta 'catch 'em all' like in Pokemon, as they are truly the best coats and in so many glorious colours! I've sized down to the 6 in this red one as I found my other two were a little too on the large size. The scarf is equally as great, Missguided have a few of these chunky, two sided, scarfs right now, and I am IN LOVE, they could almost also be used as a picnic blanket...