I love a bit of faux fur, as I'm sure you've seen, with my ever growing jacket collection... so when I saw this one, it really caught my eye because of that pop of pink! The grey tones of it are lovely, but the pink, outlined by solid black, makes the jacket such a statement piece! 
Of course I had to go for the pink lip to match, but also I decided the top half should also carry this magneta colour! I love the high neck of the top, and the cut out detailing at the bottom, again making the outfit a little more interesting! It's fair to say I got a lot of looks strutting around Westminster like this! 
The bottom half again I wanted block colour, and assumed black would be the way go! I dabbled around with a few trouser options, but found this skirt worked the best, complimenting the boots. I know, I know, it needed a good iron, but I don't have one at my new flat yet... my bad! It's a very good quality for the money though, a thick satin, and the structure is very Ted Baker-esque!  
Now I could have gone for some pretty shoes, but it wouldn't have been very Charlotte Fisher of me. Instead these chunky boots were my form of torture (I'm kidding, they were actually reasonably comfy, but not from 10am-4pm with a lot of walking, nothing serious though - just an ache from the height of the heel!). The two tone colour of grey and black worked really well with the whole outfit, also allowing me to tower above the tourists... Whilst at the bus stop, with me RIGHT next to them, two old bats decided to insult my choice of footwear. I'm not sure if they were just incredibly rude, or thought I was deaf, but they proceeded to talk about how wearing heels in the daytime was not the 'done thing' in their day, and that a shoe can ruin a girls whole look, saying I should be wearing something more elegant. I held my tongue, as by the looking at the state of their outfits they were far from elegant. Then out of a twist of fate, as I stepped on the bus, the driver said something to me. Assuming my Oyster card was playing up, I pressed my ear to the glass and asked him to repeat himself, where he says to me "I said, I love your shoes!". And then just like that, I liked humans again.