On Monday I was invited down to Thorpe Park to experience their 'Fright Night' - TP's Halloween shindig! If you haven't been to a Thorpe Park Fright Night before, it's basically where as the season approaches it's end, Halloween and Firework Night near, they open their doors from 10am to a later than usual 10pm, including a set of horror experiences in the form of walk through mazes! I hadn't actually been to one of these nights since I was about 15, so I jumped at the chance.

Of course I had to go dressed the part. I didn't want to over do it too much as I did have to do quite a bit of travelling through central London also... so I went for this more subtle Halloween dress, and the rest all black! 

After a nasty experience in my second horror maze - Saw, with a rude actress, I almost left the park and decided against the review. However I'm glad we didn't let her ruin it for us, and we stayed for the three other mazes and did a couple roller-coasters in the darkness and our mood really brightened and almost made us forget about the nasty lady! I was actually most looking forward to the Saw maze as it was actually the only film I'd seen of the horror mazes, but the vibe was the worst in this experience and everybody seemed a lot more uptight and aggressive. I know you expect a bit of touching, but they were unusually rough and then at the end one of the actresses really showed herself up by trying to intimidate and argue with us! I would actually suggest giving this maze a miss, the queue was the longest and I found it the least enjoyable, even excluding the rudeness. 

The other horror experiences were absolutely amazing! The first we entered was Cabin In The Woods, I hadn't actually seen the film at the time, but have since caught up on it. It's safe to say Joss Whedon couldn't let me down after he created the masterpiece of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Cabin In The Woods was probably the most scariest, the actors were the most in character and creepy, leaving my boyfriend looking a bit pale and sheepish when we got out! I also felt it had a bit of an American Horror Show Freakshow vibe to it, which of course couldn't be a bad thing!

After Saw we went into Studio 13, a new maze to celebrate the 13th year of Fright Nights! I really liked this one too, you went through as if filming your own film, only to be chased out by something quite terrifying at the end... that's all I'll say on that one, but I saw people run out crying!!!

My Bloody Valentine again was a creepy one, it was a lot more claustrophobic - so avoid if you hate crawling through tight spaces are being scared out of your skin whilst doing so! This one was based on an abandoned mine and although I kept my composure in all the mazes, unlike my boyfriend... a man in a gas mask really made me jump in this one! 

Blair Witch Project had to be my favourite overall. It was based outside, unlike the others, in the woodland area of Thorpe Park. I was allowed to record this one (without using flash) which made the whole experience very authentic (you'll know what I mean if you're familiar with the film)! 

It was also nice to ride the rollercoasters without hours of queuing and a nighttime sky! As most people were busy in the horror experiences, at 8pm when we had finishes ours, we hit the rides! Swarm in the darkness was one of the most fun things I have ever done, haha! 

Due to my unfortunate experience in the Saw maze putting a downer on things, I have been invited back for next year which I am already excited for! I'm glad I didn't leave so prematurely though as I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the park and would highly recommend it. Another advice of mine would be pay the additional £25 to get fast track on the mazes as the queues do get ridiculous. I'm not sure if you'd even get to see all of the mazes if you had to queue for each one! The park is open until November 3rd, but it is strictly booking only, so if you are looking at paying a spooky visit, check out the availability online first!