It's almost 2am, I have a 7am alarm... and I'm sat reading a hateful forum on 'Worst Fashion Blogger Photos'. I have never come across anything so resentful and spiteful on the internet, and after going through the images for hours and seeing many familiar faces, I am at awe of how evil these people can be. Funniest thing about it? WHO CARES. So what if somebody pouts? So what if they've sat down for a photo? So what if you don't like their hair? Keep those negative comments to yourself, don't gossip in a forum. I really don't understand the entertainment it brings? Does it make them feel better than the person in the photo??? It's not just peoples personal style which is mocked, it's their appearances - size, features... the lot. It's a real ugly place, that thankfully I'd never come across before. 99% of the photos featured I would not even pick a single flaw in, and even if I did - it was their choice to feature it, so good on them!

I always get moaned at in comments on here for pointing out my flaws in photos... now I'm glad I do. It gave me some retaliation into the nasty mockery some of these people made of me. I may point out my flaws, but I still share the content, because even if one person is interested - I'm happy. Some people come here to look at the clothes, not how I'm standing or posing with the sun in my eyes. Not everybody is perfect, why would I try and create a perfect image of myself on here, it would be delusional? I think I need to make a hashtag for my pout, it's very talked about! I've never read duckface so many times. If I haven't said it enough, I have braces right now, and guess what... before that I had bad teeth! Why would I smile with my teeth when I didn't like them? Maybe I should have, then the forum could have mocked my awful teeth instead! Personally I think I work the pout at times anyway...

I feel like I should be directing this at a certain audience, who clearly do read my blog, and take my photos onto these forums, however I know I do have a lot of lovely readers too, who may have been affected but something similar, so I'm trying to address it to everybody (with the passive aggression only towards the haters...). It isn't just with 'blogging' this happens, people pick fun out of anybody they can in all forms social media. I used to hate having a photo tagged of me on Facebook which I didn't like, and people made fun of, back in high school! Or you only have to look at the front of a magazine, or their twitter feeds, to see what brunt of it celebrities get. Problem with me is I'm a people pleaser, and I hate the thought of people thinking badly of me, or disliking me. It's just how I am. I shouldn't care less about these people in the forums, but I still felt the need to justify myself to them. It's cruel. You do have to remember though, as painful as the nasty comments may be, it usually isn't YOU which has driven them to this. It's something with them. I mean, I wouldn't read a blog I wasn't interested, would you? They still read my blog, and are able to link my photos, knowing a bit about me and my instagram - I found it a bit creepy. I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to talk about somebody and link a photo! I mean I tried to link a photo of myself when I originally had my braces off and could smile naturally, but god damn, it was hard and too much effort for one evening! I actually failed twice and gave up, damn you internet forum HTML rules.

And the funniest thing - these people all go by pseudonyms. None of them leave these comments on my blog or instagram, nor do I imagine they do it to the other people featured in the 500+ pages. It actually made me feel better going through some of the other pages, and seeing the beautiful photos featured - and ridiculously mocked, clearly by bitter jealousy, for the most minuscule things.

A few positives:
1) My rabbits are popular.
2) One photo I'm accused of airbrushing my legs, when in all honesty - do we think I'm capable of that? So my legs are feeling like sassy pins right now!
3) I was said to look like a Russian bride - personally I would class the Russian race as stereotypically quite attractive, so I'll take that one, thanks!
4) Remember guys, any publicity is good publicity... appreciated the views!

- these videos also give great advice in situations like this: