As right now, I'm freezing even writing this from the comfort of my home, looking at these images makes me wonder if I was crazy?!?! However I did wear the outfit to university in central London earlier this week, and I can confirm I wasn't cold at the time! I guess the thick coat made up for the skimpyness of everything else. Of course if I had added tights it would have been more suitable, but I'm not a massive fan of tights (eurgh) so I'm adamant to avoid them until they're 100% necessary.

The coat I shall be wearing today and have taken down to the Isle of Wight for the weekend, it's SO warm and thick. The quality is a lot better value for money than over jackets I own like this, so if you are looking at investing into some suede shearling, I would truly recommend this one! I wish it came in black (or pink...)!

I just really liked the colours of this two piece, I figured wearing this together with the jacket would look quite woodland-y, sporting with the navy, almost cowboy-esque, boots! I felt a red lip and statement red bag needed to bring out the red in the two piece, opting for a leather Grafea backpack to complete the vibe. This outfit wasn't very central London, but I feel it is perfect for a more rural area for autumn! I feel autumn is bringing a new side of my style out this year!