On the days where I plan to see Arabella , I always tend to dress a little more 'together', as otherwise I look like a scruffy 16 year old next to her elegance! I've had these shoes for a while now, and they are my go to flats - they took a while to break in, but by god are they worth it now. And they haven't lost their shape, creased or scuffed even due to a months worth of wear. I felt I was lacking a smart flat, and the hole is now filled! They're not quite as expensive as you may think for Moschino, as it's their slightly more affordable Moschino 'Love' range, however the quality is still there and they still come with a certificate of authenticity. AllSole is great for higher end products at a discounted rate as you'll sure to be surprised at some of the billy bargains on there! 

I'm sure we all know how risky a light grey, very fitted, top is for the underarms... this is why I chose to go coatless! Instead opting for this lovely scarf which doubled as a blanket to stop me turning into a snowman. Weird thing to mention, but as I'm sure most of you have gathered, I don't like wearing bras. I just think they're unnecessary for me as my boobies aren't huge and they remain perky without the aid of a bra! I do however have my nipple pierced (I know, how bad to the ass am I), so sometimes tops like this aren't all that appropriate, likewise you'd just see nipples also! Stick on bras are my saviour for days when my tops are fitted and Missguided do the perfect slightly padded ones to give the illusion of a slightly bigger boob! They aren't as hygienic as regular bras as you cannot wash them, so I buy them in bulk off of eBay usually, and use the nicer ones like this on days which I'm in need of a little oomph! If you are a size A-C, or hell, even bigger, and haven't tried a stick on bra, please do, they changed my life haha! You also don't get any awful strap marks or visible strap-age!

The skirt would certainly illude you on it's price. It's SUCH a nice quality and finish. I figured it would go perfectly with the scarf and I think I was right. It feels like a silky dream so I really would recommend it. And of course the bag you've already seen 500 times this week!