Sorry again for the hideous quality, but blogger is really stumping me on this one! They're perfectly good photos, blogger just does this to them, boo! I have just tried to share a couple which aren't AS blurry, so you can get the jist of my outfit. I'm currently in said outfit, about to leave the door and meet Arabella to head to the Motel Christmas party. Probably my quickest turnaround with photos to blog, but I thought I'd be nice and current seeing as I got ready early for once today!

I've gone for a Katy Perry vibe (when don't I make life decisions based on what Katy would do?) with this hot pink two piece and some jazzy leopard print to clash with it. When I saw the two piece it reminded me of Katy so I knew I had to have it really (slightly worried my blog is going to turn into a Katy Perry shrine... hey actually, isn't that a good idea?!). Motel is quite a sassy company so I decided to go all out this time, fishnet socks n'all. These shoes are my favourite heels at the moment, and such great value for money - the platform also makes them surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in, which I'm sure I will appreciate later on after a few cocktails!

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