I think couple photo-ing brings out the worst in me. If any of you reading are outfit bloggers, you'll understand that getting a good shot isn't always easy. It's made even more difficult when there's two of you having to nail it in one photo! I've been blogging for coming up to a year now, and even I still have fail days when a camera points at me, whereas Charlie is very new to this and maybe even slightly uncomfortable due to being bullied into this... I may be biased but I would consider Charlie a handsome man, but when a camera points at him in a stressful situation (such as it getting dark in 4 minutes and having an evil girlfriend needing the photos BY TODAY) everything can bugger up a bit. I do really admire Charlie for not murdering me in this case as I was a women on a mission, taking no prisoners. I have since apologised, we made it through the other side of the photo-shoot both alive and hopefully have shared the more natural shots of us!

You can read Charlie's post: here. (Yes I made him edit out the bit about me being an evil bitch.) 

My outfit was chosen for a late afternoon of cocktails in Soho, followed by Lauren Pope's Hair Rehab event. The dress isn't something I'd normally be confident enough to wear as I am lacking in the boobage, but I figured hey - it's a beautiful dress, so why not?! I got so many compliments on it and I think it's going to be one of those dresses I don't get bored of. I was worried it was a little too 'dressy' for Lauren but she assured me she's used to filming with TOWIE where they dress up to pop to the shop to get a loaf of bread. It is short but I don't think it's trashy in the slightest, pairing it with the gorgeous Shelly's London boots as apposed to heels and making it too OTT. 

I also went for this Michelle Keegan faux fur jacket as I found it quite a sophisticated pink, suitable for a night out as well as day. The fit isn't too obese-yfying either like most faux fur jackets which I was very grateful for. I also went for this little pink clutch to complete the outfit and to compliment the shade of the jacket!

Sorry about the lighting, as it was getting dark, artificial lighting started interfering towards the end! And again a massive thanks to Bank Fashion for the clothes!

Charlie's outfit:

An additional couple photos of Lauren and I later this evening at her Hair Rehab event!

Dress: Bank Fashion (in larger sizes here)