Outfit repeat alert! I actually wore this outfit twice, once for a casual meal round a friends which ended up a full blown night out in G-A-Y and 5am Uber car home, and this day when I'm clearly less worse for wear. The shoes are a bit of a fib here, I was wearing red boots, but I wore the heels on the night out and found they looked nicer with the outfit so I may have done a sneaky stage here!

Some days you just need some, fleece lined, comfy leggings. These are now mine! I know some people think it's such a faux pas to wear leggings as trousers, but I most certainly am not one of those people - as long as they're good quality enough to not show off your undies, they make no difference to me whether they're leggings or trousers! The red and navy jumper caught my eye first, so I figured these two would be a match mad for comfy festive days.

The headband apparently made me 'look like Lady GaGa' so I'm not really sure if that's a compliment or insult in this case... however I really like it and think it looks very seasonal with a red lip. Speaking of seasonal, what screams festive Mrs Claus more than red fluffy heels? And it's a miracle, I can actually walk in these ones!