This was my Halloween outfit during the daytime, to do some last minute shopping in Camden! I wanted to go for a more dark and mysterious look seeing as it was Halloween, but then the pink coat and lips happened...

The boots are one of the best things to happen to me all week, how amazing are they?! They're very Wang/Zara but for £29.99... no complaints here! I was a little worried about how comfy they were going to be, but after test driving them around my flat during the morning, I took the risk wearing them out for the day! I was overjoyed with the fact my feet made it back in one piece, and the boots are actually extremely comfy. They're lined with a foamy material making them a little dream to walk on, whoever designed these - I love you.

I shouldn't have really taken the coat with me as it was two billion degrees outside, but it did make a nice pop of colour even if just worn as an accessory. I'm the (self proclaimed) queen of pink fuzzy coats, so it's only fair I had to have this statement one. I am SO prepared for the cold weather right now, anybody know when that's gonna happen?

Coat: Boohoo