It's now tradition for me to pair this cut two piece with one of these cacoon coats! I've done it twice before, guilty. It is also the forth colour I own this coat in, guilty. If you were looking at investing (hey, I have pink, blue, mustard and wine...) then do so now as these babies are on some kind of special discount where they're only £20-30! They do come up nice and oversized though, so I size down with the 6 if you wondered which size I take in them.

As you can probably see by my 'wet dog' appearance, it was bloody raining here, and almost dark. I did have nice curly hair but the rain happened and this was the result, doh. 

Being in London makes it so easy to be in the festive spirit, dark evenings made brighter by streets lit up with festive lights and Soho booming with people and Christmas nights out. Because of this I've had to up my party wear game, and my liver has had to man the f*** up. This outfit saw me through from some late night Oxford Street shopping, Soho cocktails and the more hazy journey home. The strong colours really attracted me, and I think the set looked even sassier once dark, as the artificial light reflects perfectly off of the metallic parts. Because I'm familiar with the sizing of these sets, I sized up on the top and got a 10, but stayed with the 8 on the bottom - I have small boobies and still size up one, so do take that into consideration. 

Finally a fluffy pair of heels I can walk in without risk of dying. I mentioned my red pair has a smaller heel, but these are even better as they have the smaller heel and it is a chunkier one. I survived the whole night painless, which I wish I could say about my other fluffy heels!

Shoes: Missguided