On Monday night my boyfriend's new band played their first gig in central London, so it gave me an excuse to dress up in some of my new festive party wear! I was however meeting a friend for lunch at 3pm, so I wouldn't have had time to go home and change, so it had to be something not too outrageous for the daytime too. I know this is by no means casual, but if it hadn't been for the daytime suitable-ness, I totally would have gone for fluffy heels too.
This two piece really is a dream, I've been envisioning an outfit like this for a while, so I'm so glad somebody went and made it! The pinky nude version was tempting, but oddly for me, I went for the black in the end! I sized up just incase, but I don't think it was necessary as the material is quite stretchy - the size up wasn't overly big due to the material either!

I picked up this coat back in LFW at a Boohoo event when it was still scorching outside, and recently rediscovered it and fell back in love! As I was wearing this skimpy feather number, this ball of blue fluff was my saviour as I was the only person not freezing my ass off on the walk back home!

I also couldn't resist this iridescent faux croc, with a blue tinge, bag and figured it would be perfect to combine with this coat, or match my more pastel nights out.