As the days are getting increasingly shorter and colder, I've turned to faux fur for comfort. Winter isn't so bad when you're wrapped up all snug on Oxford Street, surrounding by festive lights and the red Starbucks cups! I'm such a cliché, but I love getting taken in by the atmosphere of it all. This outfit saw me through a trip to Oxford Street, evening of drinking jäger out of a bottle in Shoreditch (classy), through to a night in a casino and 4am taxi ride home. 

Monochrome and baby blue defines a wintery look for me. I do have a puffy blue faux fur coat, but I prefer this as it's slightly more fitted and a longline shape. It's a really warm and soft jacket, certainly worth its money. The scarf also is obviously incredible, you will not be cold if you have this bad boy to cuddle up to! For once I am wearing trousers and love the fit and colour of these. The grey will be very versatile to style up numerous ways! Do size up though, I did with these and they still are a little snug.