Sorry for the weird quality of these, I've been trying to upload since last night and have now lost the will to live! For some reason my normal JPG. files exported from iPhoto are coming up blurry on blogger now, even ones which have previously uploaded perfectly before, weird?! If you're having the same problem, I found by changing them all to PGN. with the program Preview, it made a slight improvement! And if you have a permanent fix, please do let me know!

After seeing Katy Perry's Bazaar shoot I have been one for a pussybow shirt, this image in particular made me feel the need to wear a suit with a pussybow and heels - so here we are! I don't pull it off quite as well as Katy, but I don't think anybody could! 

This suit had to be my favourite from Lauren Pope's new range at In The Style. I love a good suit and also admire Lauren for girl bossing it the whole time - tv personality, DJ, hair company, model, clothing range, she's nailing it. Likewise did she nail it with this suit. Unfortunately due to my proportions I don't get the nice tailored leg, as even still this pair are loose on my waist! However I think the fitted look works, I could have sized up and worn a belt if going for a more tailored look, but I was happy with the fit of the legs in this case. I love wearing a suit in London, makes me look a lot important than I am...

Fluffy heels are probably my favourite thing about this season, so of course I had to go with these black beauties. I was going to go with my red pair, but felt the black worked a little better. Fluffy shoes means a fluffy bag too, this faux fur Missguided one is my go to bag right now.