Whenever I wear this suit strangers always compliment it and ask where it's from. It's such a comfy outfit for me, that I go for it when needing comfort but still want to look like I've put some effort in! It's a cotton material, not a thick tailored, but it does have slight padding in the shoulders to give some shape. I always feel Little Mistress comes up with gems like this, so definitely worth checking them out!
The burgundy coat and shoe combo was part of my recent Fashion Union giveaway, where one lucky follower got to win a whole outfit I styled! I couldn't resist this combo myself and found it went perfectly with the suit - my life before had seriously been lacking some burgundy faux fur! Of course my 'Wine' Grafea came into play too, I always like mixing a suit up with a backpack to give it a slightly less cooperate vibe!

(I know the quality of the photos are a bit over the place, but my flat mate Sam took them and he has a serious case of caffeine shakes!! I was just appreciative he was able to snap any at all of me!)

This is how I originally styled the suit last month. Another example of a time I snap my outfit and then choose not to feature it because of the way the photos turn out! As you can hopefully see I've lost weight, had my hair highlighted/cut and had my braces off since those images, but I figured I'd show both to show different ways of styling either way!

(first outfit)