It is most unlike me to not be an array of colour, but for the record it does happen and occasionally I even wear full black! Shocking. 
I'm attracted by anything interesting and fluffy, as I'm sure you all know, so I couldn't help but add this beautiful coat to my ridiculous collection! It's so comfy and warm to wear, with a slightly oversized fit to layer knitwear under if needed. I think the photos of it speak more so than anything I could babble on about, so I'm just going to leave it down to saying I highly approve!

I have these pants in white and figured them in grey would work with this jacket, rather than standard black leather trousers I found the grey to be a little more interesting. I did size up though as they do come up smaller than normal and nobody wants their trousers to embarrassingly split after lunch, or when bending down to put shoes on! ...not that that's ever happened or anything. 

I wrote an instagram post about the bag which can be found here. I'm not going to mislead anybody into thinking this is real, because if I had a spare 4 grand, I'd definitely already own a pug by now. I also do not wish for people to think I have found a sugar-daddy! I could say my mum, late aunt, or second cousin once removed lent it to me, but who would I be kidding? I would however like to say it is the absolute highest quality, all quilts match up etc. all hard wear is branded, leather is impeccable quality, lining is like the originals, it comes with a dust bag and even an authenticity card. A faux Chanel is not going to be for everybody but seeing as I was given the opportunity to review a £200+ leather bag, which I thought my readers might be interested in, how could I say no? Plus I look a sassy rich bitch in the street to people who don't know me... There is a lot of bloggers who I know try to pull theirs off as real so I just wanted to make clear that I'm not! I wasn't comfortable with the idea of a replica, but now I'm like, ah well, as long as people don't lie about it - I think it's totally fine! (Apart from any counterfeit police reading this, it's really bad and the bag has been handed in and burnt in hell...) Fake it til you make it, hey?!

My hair is also a result of the lovely intimate event I attended for Hair Rebab, Lauren Pope's hair company! This is actually day two... yes I slept with my hair piece and braid in, dedication to blogging! I went for a more messy braid (I had no choice haha!!) and curled all the loose hair, pulling out bits here and there to make it look messier. My natural hair is this long admittedly, but my plait would never be so thick without the hair piece! It also made my natural hair a lot thicker when down, so works as a multipurpose hairpiece for when I want my hair a bit more voluptuous. You can however just buy smaller hair pieces designed for just aiding a plait, which Lauren was wearing on the night! Lauren also colour matched the piece to my hair perfectly, which is difficult to do as my hair is a mix of all blondes! I'm wearing the 'Syn One Piece' in the colour 'Golden'. If you haven't checked out Hair Rehab and you're an extension wearer, or just like me, interested in a change once in a while, definitely do! The YouTube tutorials really mesmerised me and I definitely now need a ponytail in my life!