I managed to snap a few quick outfit photos on Wednesday, before a long day of press days! I say 'quick' because it was actually raining here, bleugh, so my time was very limited before my hair was ruined! (Such a girl.)
I'm normally one to hate pairing baby pinks with blacks, it's a real no no for me in the summer months, however once the weather turns for autumn and winter, I feel black works well with the wintery dusky pink items! It's all about the textures with this outfit. I love a good faux croc piece when I see it, so I figured these pointy cut out boots were a must have, I also figured why get croc boots if you don't have a croc bag to match? Both of these items are cheap and cheerful for autumn, suitable for day or evening! My events went from 3pm-8pm so I wanted an outfit which would suit the day time but also still be equally fitting for the party I had in the evening. The dress alone was quite evening-y, but I found by pairing it with this playful chunky fur coat, it made it look a little less formal.
The coat is sooooooooooo soft, such a feel good coat to wear when the weather is miserable, and surprisingly it didn't soak up like a sponge! You've probably seen my collection of pink fluffy/furry coats is getting a little out of hand, guilty. 
And of course a hat to save me from the rain was necessary!