Firstly, check out MY TEETH. All ya'll haters out there, who come here to take photos of my pout and mock in forums how I 'never smile' TAKE THAT. Now enjoy mocking my big ass smile as it's here to stay. 
Secondly, I know, I know, it's the first week of November however I could not stay away from this festive jumper. I feel it's more of a 'wintery jumper' as it just has snowflakes, so I think I'm ok - also the colours are pastel queen and not screaming 'festive, hey I'm Santa'...

I feel I have a million pairs of pink boots, but these are a little more daytime than my more (I know, trust me they are chunkier though) chunky pairs and thank the lord, they were like walking on clouds. I love finding comfy shoes which you assume will be evil!

I'm bare legs all year round until I die, so this skirt is a little more weather appropriate and will avoid people asking me 'my god, aren't your legs cold?!', I thought it worked well with the jumper tucked in, although doing so, the jumper adding a spare tyre to my waist! The bag matched the outfit a dream, I also have it in fluffy black and find it such a good sized bag for daytime when I'm not lugging my MacBook or camera around!

This was originally my Boohoo Christmas party, but unfortunately I went all crazy Thursday and didn't feel up to going, which I now really regret! However this outfit will still go to good use!