Thanks to the beautiful British weather, these were shot in the pouring rain, shielding by a nearby tree/bush thing, haha!

I decided to go all out on the triple tartan this day. I really love the shift dress - finding the leather detailing around the neck such a nice touch. I long for items I can just 'throw on' and this was one of them on this rainy miserable day! Surprisingly the outfit came out well (well, in my eyes guys!) so I decided to brave the elements and try and shoot it! 

For somebody who owns as much faux fur and fluffy coats as me, the rain is not your friend. However I did remember I owned this leather jacket by Superdry which came in perfect for keeping me super dry... (I hate myself, sorry.) It did keep me dry though, and surprisingly very warm compared to my usual fluffy things. I also tucked a tartan scarf under the collar of it to liven things up a bit! 

Hat was obviously essential to keep my head dry, this one having a cheeky band of tartan on it too, with my trusty red Grafea being the go to bag when wearing red tartan! 

My poor battered knee/thigh highs also did a good job at keeping my legs warm and dry!