Probably my most cringe worthy post to date, however I couldn't find another suitable way to feature my new gym wear from Get The Label as I couldn't bring myself to snap any in the actual gym as it isn't one of those type of gyms. I also, like always, don't want this to look like I'm boasting at all about my figure (I'm sure most of you will see I have nothing to boast about), this is merely an overdue update. I wish I was Victoria Törnegren, but let's face it - I'm not! 

Firstly I figured I'd show my fitness progress from the beginning, left is summer 2013 and right is summer 2014. I achieved this in one year of healthier eating and running/the gym 5-7 times a week. It isn't a huge difference in size I don't imagine, it's more of a visible change. Surprisingly (I know it's hard to believe) I did wear a size 10 during the time of the photo on the left, and even by the photo on the right I am still sometimes choosing a 10 over an 8. Weight wise there is a stone and a half different (10KG) between the photos, but in the second as you may be able to see, I have a lot more additional muscle mass. 

Left: November 2013      Right: January 2014
End of February 2014
June 2014 
August 2013 - December 2013 - January 2014

I became a vegetarian May 2014, which actually meant whilst I was adapting to my new diet I gained around half a stone (4KG) over the summer. This was mainly due to the fact (I imagine, anyway) before I became vegetarian I always avoided cheese and only actually ate chicken when it came to meat. Cheese became my chicken substitute once I made the decision to become vegetarian which is why I think the weight gain happened. I also wanted a summer where I wasn't obsessing about how many calories were in my BBQ or drinks, and I didn't have a gym membership as I was constantly between the Isle of Wight and London, so it made no sense to pay for one at either place. It did impact my energy levels and general state of mind though. Exercise truly makes me a happier person, so I won't be getting lazy again any time soon. 

Since the end of September I've lost those 4KG, noticed an increase in muscle definition and my stamina has improved again. Addition to the running/gym 5-7 times a week, I also attend a boxfit class which is a really fun way to exercise and take your anger out on a human with it being legal. I tried yoga to be that girl but I don't have the mind control or balance, punching and kicking things works better for me.

These photos were actually 3 weeks ago now, so more progress has been made, however I wanted to share these because of the gym wear that Get The Label kindly had sent out to me:

Embarrassingly this is actually me trying not to pose and also I still have my braces at this point which explains the mega lips. When I first started the gym in September 2013, gym wear wasn't something I really wanted to invest a lot of money in - as I didn't know at the time how much my butt was actually gonna be in the gym. At the same time I didn't want to turn up in anything embarrassing, or my P.E kit from 5 years ago. Nike/Adidas online seemed so expensive to me, and places like Sports Direct and the JD Sports sale only ever seemed to have the XXXL sizes left in the cheaper options. I hadn't actually heard of Get The Label until they emailed me and instead of picking clothes for my blog, I saw they had a sportswear section for a discounted price in smaller sizes. I figured the sportswear would be perfect for a blog post for people who may be in a similar situation to what I was in - and don't want to invest hundreds into a gym kit that nobody will see them in, or even for people like me who now does care about what they look like in the gym, but who appreciate a good bargain! They also do 10% student discount which is an added bonus.