Sorry for the quality of these photos, but I managed to snap a few photos of my outfit before heading over to Soho for pre-birthday drinks, so I figured I should share them anyway! Daylight wasn't on my side though (hating the fact it's dark by 4pm now!) so that's why the colour is a bit off. My skin isn't dirty... I promise!

My She Inside order arrived (many, many beautiful coats) so I was pleased I could debut this one! I think it works out about £13... bargain! I see no difference in quality than most of the more budget places I shop online, however this is still half the price of most others! I went for size large as I know the Chinese sizes come up absolutely tiny, I'd say it was around an 8-10 if you need guidance for size! I think medium would be similar but where I'm so tall with such long arms, I definitely knew I had to go for large - you can probably see the arms still come up a bit small.

This little pink velvet and mesh crop is also a favourite little addition to my wardrobe right now. I also had to get in in black... naturally... as it's such a nice little top. I would suggest sizing down though if you have tiny boobies like me, as I've apparently had a few of the ole' nip slips... whoops! 

My hair was also a result of a day hair up modelling with Toni and Guy, Maria is responsible for this braid - not me unfortunately! 

Also, I'm sure some of you guys will be happy to know that the boots I'm wearing are now back in stock!