It's well into December, so I can fully get away with whipping out the festive jumpers with the faux fur now! I know some people love the blatantly obvious 'hey look how festive I am' jumpers, however I like the more subtle 'is she festive or does she just like sweets?' editions. Haha, this one just caught my eye as it's very Mean Girls X Shrek's gingerbread man, and I love the mix of monochrome with the black and pink. There's one major question for me when buying a festive jumper, or any jumper really... does it pass the itchyness test? Thankfully this was a dream to wear, so I made no mistakes in choosing it. 

Fur trim everything these days for me. This skirt is clearly no exception and I bloody love it, I have it in cream also with a matching top... what a winter's dream. Sorry you're probably all sick of these boots by now, however when you wear as many skirts as me, they kind of counteract the not wearing tights. I hate tights, so I think, tights or comfy over the knee boots...? Boots every time ladies and gentlemen.