Sorry for the super brightness of these/inconsistency with the contrast, but I was faced with a glowing sunset so I had no choice! Not complaining though, rather that than the usual miserable winter weather!

I just thought I'd snap a few photos of the dress I wore to the Now Magazine Christmas party earlier this week. I didn't want to go 'too dressy' and I also wanted to dress slightly festive so I went with this checked dress by Lauren Pope's collection at In The Style, adding this faux fur round the neckline to spice things up a bit. Funnily enough it isn't a snood and is an actual headband, way to go with the improvisation Charlotte! I also went for a faux black fur coat on the night, but felt this leather jacket was more suitable for the Isle of Wight!

I also wore my trusty thigh high boots at the event, however seeing as these gorgeous fluffy red heels came, I knew this day they had to be paired with the dress/faux fur combo. Like I've said about my black pair, these are so much more practical than my other fluffy heels as they're so much easier to walk in!