Now let me start by saying I don't smoke, and never have... so I was a little confused when Vapelux originally contacted me - however, if like myself you don't smoke OR if you do, I still think this post may interest you!

If you have me as a friend on Snapchat (I think that's how it works, a friend? Buddy? Person I annoy with constant weird stories?) you will see I've absolutely been loving these shisha sticks/e-cigs. Maybe a little too much... I think 95% of my snapchat stories have been myself and a shisha stick.

I love a good shisha session, but I had no idea how bad they were for you! An hour puffing on a shisha equivalents to 100-200 cigarettes... crazy! Since I found that out, I've really avoided shisha lounges or avoided when randomly Dstrkt club in London brings them out to purposely get me to touch them and burn myself?? These little sticks literally mimic a shisha with each puff, however they don't have the nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide or any other toxins which would normally be found.

I originally agreed to receive them to review to force onto my smoker friends with passive aggression, however once I took my first toke and started to learn how to blow smoke rings, that was it... now there's no looking back.

You can also smoke these little things anywhere as they're just vapour - not smoke. I went for bubblegum, strawberry and apple (apple being my favourite) however if you're a smoker looking to cut down and mimic the whole experience of smoking, there is tobacco flavour - or minty ones for those looking for fresh breath after their e-cig! Each stick last about 300 puffs, which I've been told equivalents to around two packets of regular cigarettes. (My favourite ones can be found here.)

Now when friends leave me alone in the club whilst they go to the smoking area, I can join them and whip out an apple, non toxic, stick of joy! I always find the actual aesthetics of a cigarette ugly, but these are cute in all different colours to coordinate with the flavour, with a light up end for when in use and to let you know when it's running out.

Because I genuinely enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of e-shishas/cigs, and my friends (and one of my friends parents, haha!) who used them with me were so impressed they wanted to order more, I emailed Vapelux asking if my friends and readers could get a discount code. If like me you enjoy a shisha session but don't like the health risks or find it inconvenient, or if you want to cut down on smoking and use these as an alternative, then Vapelux has offered a huge 25% off with the code 'TIDTB25'! I also think they'd make a great Christmas present to a smoker friend of yours - passive aggression to quit smoking is the nicest way to say I love you, right?

Anyway, I hope you like the slightly different post! It's nice to write about something other than just my outfit for once! Happy shish-ing!

*This post was sponsored by Vapelux, to find out more about sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer.