I'm 100% one of those people who put everything into something, or nothing into something. I've been moping around today because I feel like I have 'no purpose or direction' (ok sorry, I'll quit with the blink-182 lyrics) - but in all honesty I have a few decisions to make and I'm scared I'll make the wrong ones. Whilst feeling down and torturing myself over whether I'm making a mistake or not with my future, I decided to take a moment to think back and reflect on the positive things in life. Since becoming an internet-er full time this year, I've had some really great opportunities, seen some great places and met some great people, all of which I'm grateful for. 

I'd like to say that these photos down below were due to my weird style of writing, or my ability to wear clothes and take photos, but this was just Charlotte Fisher luck. That being said, whilst reflecting on positives or achievements today, I remembered I still had these photos which I hadn't done anything with. 

After my weird Gareth Gates stage before I knew what music was, and after I realised I couldn't just show favouritism to Good Charlotte because they had my name in their band name - thanks to my sister's husband giving me Enema of the State for Christmas when I was in primary school, blink-182 have always been my favourite band. I think blink-182 have their own crowd of obsessive fans, like 'Little Monsters', 'Beliebers' or 'Katy Cats' ...ahem, but I'm not sure if they have a name. Either way, if you like, and I mean LIKE blink-182, it's likely you'd have watched every weird Youtube video they're in and know the names of every song they ever made. Blink-182 fans are also really sweaty and crush you a lot in crowds of people. My boyfriend and I actually first ever started talking over our mutual compassion for the band, agreeing we'd go see them before we had even got together, when they announced their first tour dates after their hiatus. 

If you're like 'who the hell are blink-182?' right now, then hey, I won't judge. This blog is 99% outfit related and hardly ever touches my music tastes, except for the odd Katy Perry reference. Ok, I will judge a little. Everybody who is anybody (who was around and conscious in the 90s and early 00s) knows 'I Miss You', 'All The Small Things' or 'What's My Age Again?' when played, chances are you'll know most of the words too. 

...either way, to date, being on Reading Main stage with the headlining band, which also happened to be my favourite band (cool, huh?) is something surely positive to reflect on! 4 years previous I had waited 6 hours in the crowd to see the same band in the same place and 4 years later I got the same feeling of excitement, just with less crushing and discomfort and more of the backstage bar inside me with a more birds eye view... 

These photos are some I snapped at Reading Festival and during the band's second Brixton Academy show. I am very grateful to Mark Hoppus for inviting me, and to this day sometimes I still just wear my 'blink-182 Access All Areas' lanyard to feel more important in everyday life.

Reading Festive 2014: 

(I look like a pirate.)

Brixton Academy 2014: