Ok sorry for the cliché post title, but I couldn’t resist. No I haven’t left the Isle of Wight and gone up north, well I have, but not Yorkshire north - I’m in Sweden!

I’m in a beautiful place called Åre, and I couldn’t help but exploit the town’s pictureesque snowy backdrops and shoot wintery blog photos whilst here. Daylight is between 10am - 3pm here, and I’m meant to be at the slopes by half 9, so I did have to shoot these as the sun was coming up, so that explains the lighting! Saying that, it didn’t get much brighter today as the sky was full of snow all day! 

This was my outfit out for a meal last night - I did get a few funny looks from tourists, but I THINK the locals (who I have seen wearing heels!) approved… 

I’ve been after a fluffy two piece like this for a while, but wasn’t prepared to pay the £75 Topshop was asking, so this made a perfect alternative for half of the price! The scarf saves me from frostbite I think, it’s such a soft but warm scarf. Whoever invited these scarves which double up as blankets are a genius. As the scarf contained the same cream, but also black and red - I went for black and red for the rest of my outfit. My trusty red coat of course came out to play, and these new patent boots proved perfect for keeping me warm and on my feet in the snow! I would really recommend these boots if you’re after some over the knee boots but are sick of ‘that pair’ that everybody (including myself) have!

Also, sorry for my inconsistent social media presence, unfortunately we have no wifi in our apartment (I KNOW, IT’S ALMOST 2015?!?!) but if you’ve seen my instagram post of the apartment, I’m sure you can imagine I’m coping ok… Currently posting from the Swedish equivalent of McDonalds!