As blog photo backgrounds go, this snowy, frozen, Swedish lake probably tops all of my previous. You know when somewhere is so beautiful you can’t believe you aren’t looking at a artificial backdrop? That being said, it was probably also the coldest.
I’ve been very berry toned the whole time I’ve been in Sweden, pairing this berry Clueless-y combo of the knee highs and checked skirt. The skirt was £6, utter bargain - and what better skirt than a skater skirt at this time of year to fit on the waist and flare out over any unforgiving Christmas tummies? 
All of my coats are crazy colours, and I realised last week that I had no standard black coats, other than my leather jacket. I made two black editions to my winter coat collection (as if the other two billion odd needed any more editions…) a faux fur bomber and this one. It is more of a dark grey, but works with black equally as well due to the black faux fur collar and I’m sure it would keep me very warm if not for the sub zero Swedish temperature and snow!
I’m like a moth to a flame with furry bags so I had to get this black faux fur chain bag, and it’s sister in pink… I thought in this case it worked really well with the jacket. 

Skirt: Primark