This weekend was my last on the Isle of Wight, so despite the gail force winds, I headed to one of my favourite spots - Compton beach. Unsurprisingly because it would have been warmer and less windy conditions in the tundra, the beach was empty. 

My hair is now also this grey/silver tone. I fancied a change, but can't help but notice people comment on my hair colour, but don't compliment it... Oh well, the first hair change in about 10 years which has even been noticed!

As you can see I'm wearing blue, so it is only fair I leave you with this to reminisce to firstly:

The wind was really against me showing you this jacket, but it's essentially the same as the pink version I have of it, except it's a softer material and doesn't have the buttons up the front. For £17 this baby blue shearling is an absolute steal, and such a warm jacket for days like this. I went for the large, which I'd say is an 8-10, as like normally, Chinese sizes tend to come up small. Also I would recommend express delivery! 

We all know I'm a sucker for Clueless vibes and two pieces, so safe to say this one caught my eye. Again it's very warm (if not slightly bulking, oh wait no, that's just my Christmas obesity!) so it's good for this time of year. I should have worn tights, but you know me... and I compensated with again, another pair of over the knee boots. These have a more cleated heel than my other boots, and come up higher over the knee - a must for the taller chaps like me!