Woah, I just realised my blog has hit a year old. How crazy! 2014 was one of the worst and hardest years of my life, but the silver lining to it was starting my blog and seeing the way it began to shape my life. I am ever so grateful to those of you who read my posts and leave comments, I do always read them all and feel so thankful of the support. I'm even grateful for the haters, because hey, you still come here and boost my hits! Onwards and upward and I'm looking forward to my second year of blogging!

Yesterday I met with a fellow blogger Lucia, to catch up over lunch in Chelsea. Of course a blogger date would not be complete without photos, so we headed to these pastel houses to snap our outfits.
My coat is Primark and I adore it (watch my Primark haul here)! It was £25 which I think is perfectly reasonable, and it managed to keep me warm in chilly London yesterday!
This jumper is also a favourite of mine, the chunky roll neck was a sure deal for me - if only it came in pink too! I was going for a casual look (I sneakily was wearing my pink Reebok Classics for the most part of the day too) so I just tucked the jumper into these loose fitting powder blue pants! 

As I was going for this blue with a hint of pink look, I also chose this fluffy pink number for my choice of bag to finish it all off! 

Shoes: Topshop (similar)