So these were taken on a very chilly New Years Eve afternoon in Sweden. What a year, I'm very glad to see the back of 2014 as it has been very tough for numerous reasons, however I am also very grateful for the positives which have come from it. I hope you all had a good night, and aren't suffering too badly from the hangovers! I found myself in a Swedish bar drinking vodka with a group of Swedish guys and a Serbian!

This dress, boot and crown combo I actually wore out for Christmas Eve drinks too. The dress is so beautiful and I really think this mustard colour looks gorgeous with burgundy. I obnoxiously wore the crown out on the Isle of Wight, because I just wanted to remind the people I hadn't seen in a while, that I'm still a princess. I didn't wear it yesterday but popped it on for a photo so you could see it works well styled with the dress. I styled this outfit a bit more appropriate for the Swedish mountain temperature, emphasis on 'a bit'... I layered up with this burgundy crepe blazer (should have worn a coat...) and this blanket scarf which was a present from Quiz Clothing for Christmas. Again, hats off to the person who invented scarves which double up as blankets.