So this is probably the least colour you'll ever see me in! Even my hair has lost it's colour (I've been toning it silver/grey because I'm so totally wild). But you know, if it feels right, it feels right, and this felt right, YOU KNOW? 

The weather and my mood today was just too awful that even colour couldn't cheer them up, so I thought if I couldn't beat them, I'd join them with my choice of fashion. I was also going on a hella muddy walk, as you can see by the state of my shoes and ankles, so I don't think pastels and sandals would have been wise. It was also so windy I was forced into doing... err... that (?) with my hair. 

Joni jeans have always been a favourite of mine (probably because they're the only jeans I have to get W25 in and it makes me feel like Kate Moss xox) so when I saw these cheeky ripped numbers, I had to get them. I've tried many a jean in my time, but I always go back to these faithfuls. 

I'm actually wearing a white blouse underneath my fuzzy coat, a white blouse complete with a pussybow tie which I've been obsessing over recently. The coat is just so perfect for bad weather and despite being plain jane colours, it has this amazing faux fur neck which just adds to an outfit.

Shoes wise I should have worn wellies, however these are waterproof so I won on that one... but yes, they're probably my favourite pair of everyday flats by Shellys London.