Blimey, it's taken me a while to sort through my Moscow photos. It's always sad revisiting holiday photos when you're back home! Well, it is in this case knowing I won't be seeing my friend again, or snow, for quite some time!

Funnily enough on this day my Facebook was full of people in England complaining about snow! I looked at the photos and then looked out the window, and I could confirm Moscow had quite a bit more snow than golly old England! It was magical being out in it, the heaviest snow I've ever experienced!

On this day we ventured into a mall and went to an animal petting centre. I didn't condone most of the runs/cages the animals were kept in, but it was hard to complain in Russian, and the animals did seem happy enough and not stressed. I played with meerkats, raccoons, hedgehogs, bunnies, guineapigs and a dog, all within the same place. Anastasia knew how to keep me happy, that's for sure - I spent 2 hours in there! 

The top is actually another two piece, like the floral one on my first day, however I wore these with my new favourite black ripped jeans.

Coat: Zara
Jumper: H&M
Bag: Pretty Little Thing