So clearly a bit of a different look for me... especially if you don't follow me on instagram and haven't seen my new pink hair! This LFW I wanted to keep it as comfy as possible, back in September I over did it with the heels on the cobbles and wished I was never born. Air Max are certainly a new look for me - they also make me the biggest hypocrite as I forbid my boyfriend buying a pair! These ones however (available from Get The Label) I found quite chic, but then again that might be me having an early life crisis? Also explaining the hair? All black is always a cool look though and I can safely say they were the comfiest shoes I've ever graced Somerset House in. My outfit also meant I could run home from the tube afterwards...

I was actually inspired by Katy Perry (surprise, surprise!). She copied my my look (see here), so it was only fair I copied hers. I was just inspired by how cool she could look in a tracksuit and Ray Bans with minimal effort.

My pink hair clashes a little with the jumper, but I think or at least hope - it was the lighting. I can proudly say I mastered the fishtail braid, so my hair is my own work for once! With the jumper I sized down to the 6 as I knew I was going to be tucking it into the sporty trouser like things.

Now for the bag! You'll either love it or hate it, but I can safely say I've seen a lot of love to it. I think this must be my 15th or 16th Grafea -  I live in a world surrounded by them, but I'm not complaining! This one however is such a cool 90s throwback. My boyfriend argued however that me using it was me asking to be robbed, so yes, you can see my 'pink rape alarm' that he got me, securely in the front pocket... These clear bags will be available early March!

Bag: Grafea