As I only had hand luggage, I had to survive my trip with ONE coat. As you all probably know, my extensive coat collection wasn't happy with that...
I wanted to maintain the same sort of chic look whilst is Moscow, a dulled down version of my normal Barbie-ish look. This coat worked well as although it was getting me my pink fix, it was a dusky pink so a more classy pink for a very dull dressing Moscow! As you can see in this photo, there is snow and ice everywhere and it was well into the minuses... yet was I cold? Nope! I have no idea, I was very ill on my last day so maybe that's why, but I honestly could not feel the cold!! All of my Russian friends were wrapped up double as warm as me and were still freezing! Maybe it's my devil blood. 

Dungarees, my new love. These pinstripe babies are an absolute dream. I chose to wear them the "cool farmer" way and only clip in one side, yep - check me out, continuing the pinstripe theme with a striped baggy shirt underneath. I sized up in the dungarees and I think that was wise as it made for a more comfortable fit.

I went for my sturdy Vagabond boots to complete the look, practical yet stylish.

Sorry for the lighting in these, as the sky was snow full there wasn't much light, and I'd also been distracted in a pet shop for a good few hours... These photos were taken in Moscow City, which I'd say is the equivalent of Canary Wharf meets Westfields White City. Tall business sky scrapers, with a shopping mall filled with just about everything... including pets. Russian pet shops unfortunately lack the regulations that we have here, with puppies and cats in the shop floor!!! It was sad to see, but then again, I always feel sorry for the fur babies in pet shops, wishing I could take them home. The highlight of the pet shop had to be seeing a hairless guineapig in person! Despite everybody else being disgusted by it, I fell in love with that baby hippo looking creature. I had no idea what the pet shop worker was saying, but they let me give the little fella a cuddle - and I can confirm it squeaks with happiness just like a hairy piggy! I also got to cuddle the cutest looking bunny I have EVER seen (sorry Humphrey and Daphne...). I also got to have Russian Bubbleology - Anastasia introduced me to Bubble Tea about this time last year in London, so it was a tradition of ours!