Ok so I know it's SO cliché to be a blogger with pink hair, but whoops, I can't help it. I wanted to try out a brighter pink in time for my date with Katy Perry in Amsterdam so this is the result! I've faded it now to a more day time pink but I thoroughly enjoyed rocking this colour yesterday! I filmed me doing it so I'm excited to get that all edited together - I also filmed having it done in Toni & Guy.

Some of you may know I popped into the AQ/AQ Carnaby store a couple weeks ago for a personal shopping session. Whilst in there I fell in love with... ok basically everything. I went away with the most amazing graphic print dress (see at end of post), but I also fell in love with this bad boy jumpsuit. You guys know me, I'm not normally one to pick plain black items, so in store this didn't catch my eye - I tried on the turquoise.

The turquoise was great, but the black is definitely an item which can be worn a lot more times, especially at this time of the year. Funnily enough Kendall Jenner has the same one! (Not that I trust anybody who idolising the Kardashians, but I think Kendall is the good egg of the bunch.) I've worked in collaboration with Over My Body for this piece - I hardly ever outfit repeat, I know, shameful, however when you get a turn over of clothes like I do, you don't usually have time to. That being said I've already worn this so many times, so it proves it's a keeper for me! Over My Body stock lots of brands similar, with edgy more unique items than your standard wholesalers, so definitely worth a look!

The bag is another Skinny Dip London love of mine. They sent me over a little holiday haul to take some funky bits with me, and I couldn't help but debut this one a little sooner.

The jumpsuit can actually be worn 3 ways which makes it even more versatile. The way I see it: zipped up fully for work, half down for after work drinks, all the way down for doing so many shots that you forget your name.

I did also layer up with a pink faux fur gillet and navy, as unfortunately the climate on the Isle of Wight is freezing right now - but to show the jumpsuit off in all it's glory I had to brace the cold!
These shots were taken at an abandoned skate park in Ventnor - funnily enough I remember a shoot with my friend Milly there back in the summer, when her hair was pink too! Pink hair magnets. Big thanks to my friend (thats right, not photographer) Jess, as she took these even though we were supposed to be hanging out and me not working... and she seems to nail the photos every time.

...and here are a few of the iPhone snaps I got whilst in AQ/AQ. I absolutely loved their store, their shop assistants/stylists were so helpful and honest and the colours really good me in the mood for summer!