Can we just take a second out to appreciate how warm it was in the sun yesterday?!?! (Perfect timing after buying a Whistles faux fur coat Charlotte...) I actually worked up a slight sweat taking these! Perhaps I'm used to the minus temperatures in Moscow a little too much, however I couldn't help but get excited of the prospect of spring... and then summer! Also it's daylight until 5pm now!!!! ...ok enough of the commenting on the natural change of seasons. 

As everybody is doing this fancy smancy Valentines posts, I thought I'd style up a cute love-themed outfit. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I love mixing red with lilac! So that's just what I've done. This shirt I thought was pretty quirky and I do believe it was only £10? Another bargain! The skirt I may add is another bargain... No it isn't AA, it's another trusty dupe (for £11.99!!!), and after owning a few of the AA versions, I can confirm that other than the sizing, they are identical! 

This felty lilac coat was perfect for yesterdays weather, not too hot in the afternoon sun, but it kept me suitably comfortable in the fresh spring air!

I can already imagine these photos going up onto one of those nasty forums which like to write about me so much, so I would just like to state - yes the sun is in my eyes and yes that is why my expressions are a little questionable! 

Bag: Pretty Little Thing