Some of you may know that I studied in Kings College last year - I know, what was I thinking? I don't regret it though, because it meant I met Anastasia Pashinskaya. She lived directly opposite from me in our student accommodation, and although I thought she was odd at first - a Russian who DIDN'T drink vodka (but she did lie and tell me she had a tiger), we soon became friends. She actually encouraged my blog, and took my first photos - watching my blog grow January 2014 - June 2014. Unfortunately she was just in London to study for one year and had to return to Russia after her 9 months of studying here. We had a conversation early on in our friendship where I said I would love to visit Moscow, and she told me I never would as so many of the people she had met in Europe had said the same but had never followed through and visited. I like a challenge so that always stuck with me and I maintained the knowledge I would prove her wrong. She had visited the Isle of Wight twice after all, so it was only fair... 
Saying goodbye in June was horrible. Like a break up. We cried and sent each other Kim K crying selfies, and that was that. I said I would visit in January when there was snow, so come January Anastasia told me her dates off of university, and I, like she expected, let her down gently. Little did she know I was scheming behind her back with her brother, booked my flights and spent a ridiculous amount of time and money sorting a visa. 
It was safe to say she was surprised when I turned up at her door last Friday at 9pm. (You can watch a video I made here.)
My purpose in Russia was to visit Anastasia, but it was also nice to see what Moscow had to offer too - apart from sub zero temperatures and a language which left me with a headache!
On the first night we actually went out to celebrate and let's just say I celebrated a little too hard, I won't be sharing that video... Because of this, I wasn't in a fit state for outfit photos on my first day. Despite this I got stopped in the street by... ASOS of all people. From London, in Moscow, I know. They couldn't believe the coincidence either. AND I was wearing ASOS.

This was my second day where we ventured out to see the Red Square and Bolshoi theatre. 
Of course I had to snap outfit photos whilst in the Red Square. For my trip I bought whole new outfits as I wanted to still dress like me, but more warmer and slightly more toned down. I got this Zara coat in the sale for £39.99 and it proved perfect for my trip. Eurgh, I know the tights aren't flattering. We all know by now I hate tights, and yes a lower denier would have been more flattering, but these babies were thermal fleece lined and I really had no choice! I just love the two piece thoguh, the high neck is such a lovely feature and the print was perfect for the colour pallet I was working with. As we also know, my choice of footwear isn't always the most sensible either, so I got these dusky pink creeper-y looking shoes to match my coat and provide comfort when exploring the city.

Bag: Pretty Little Thing