My fitness routine isn't something I normally post about, mainly because my gym isn't aesthetically pleasing enough to be snapping daily instagram photos! However, if you know me in person, you'll know it's become a big part of my life, if not an obsession... I would like to say I go everyday, but due to my current lifestyle it's more like 5 times a week right now. Also if you know me, I'm NEVER happy with my body. I think that's just going to be how it always is though, I am a girl after all - however I honestly swear I can look back to photos of myself in April/May last year, wearing size 6 and at the time I thought I looked 'fat'! 

This week in particular though I've been feeling especially low about my body image. I had a shoot a couple weeks ago, and after getting the images back, I am devastated in how big my legs look! After a lot of grabbing and pinching in the mirror, I can't see a huge weight gain, but the images tell a different story. I am bottom heavy, but I do a lot of leg work and squats at the gym, so that's natural, but I just really disliked the proportions I saw. I spoke to a trainer I'm familiar with at the gym after feeling so disheartened, despite working harder than ever, and he explained a few things to me. He actually thought I was trying to achieve that Kim K physique which 'all girls are aiming for right now' apparently... but little did he know I'm more about that Kendal Jenner life! I've been BULKING. I felt terrible, my legs were always my favourite part of me but now they're my worst enemies - I look like a male rugby player! Weirdly it isn't my thighs which I find a problem too, it's my knees?!! Well, above my knees. He explained I need to dramatically lower my weights (I thought I was a king for leg pressing 100kg+, doh!), do more reps on lower intensities, and rather than my long distance runs, he explained 45 mins walking fast up hill on an incline will be more beneficial for slimming my legs down. SO, this is my new mission! I hope I can report back some progress asap (by tomorrow preferably legs, please, I have a holiday to go on this month...). 

Anyway, enough moaning, what better way to feel more confident in the gym than with new gym wear? I must admit I'm usually such a snob when it comes to gym wear, previously you wouldn't catch me dead in anything but Nike or Adidas, however my opinion has been changed! The Missguided Active collection is amazing! We all know how much of an attention seeker I am, so why should that stop in the gym? This marble pinky purple combo is so me, and I've actually found the material perfect to train in! I had to snap a few photos in it to share just how cool it is - unfortunately I didn't quite have the balls to take my camera into the gym to snap some of my routine... yet! So please make up for that for now with these, (slightly) more athletic than usual, poses. One of my favourite things about the top is that you don't need to wear a sports bra underneath it as it has one built into it, so handy! I've had so many compliments in my gym and exercise classes on it, people asking where they could get it!

Get The Label also always provides me with discount gym shoes! The Nikes I'm sporting can be found here and I couldn't help but think they were made to be worn with my new gym set? I've also wrote my fitness tips over on Get The Labels blog, so keep an eye out for that!