I don't think I disappoint when it comes to lack of colour! After discovering these beautiful shoes, I got my outfit planning thinking hat on and worked out a way to style them. The obvious route would be for a night out, but I decided to go down the casual route and these are the results:

Surprisingly the heels are extremely comfy (gotta love a platform and chunky heel) and that's saying something as I'm bloody awful at wearing heels. I was however in a rush this day, so I've also shown the Adidas trainers which I slipped on to run to the tube straight after!

It just shows two ways I could style up this outfit! Personally I prefer the heels, I think without the quilted jacket, the outfit would look great in the warmth of a summer sunset out for dinner or something! The trainers were however a lot more practical for my day of rushing around Oxford Street...

Coral against denim is always a favourite for me, I also went for the coral lip to pop the colour of the jumper. I sized up in the jumper for a more relaxed feel as I had a feeling the skirt would come up quite fitted, which it did, just so I could tuck the jumper in nicely.

The shoes also have a flash of lime through them which is why I went for this jacket. I did have this casual edgy look in mind, which is why I thought a quilted bomber would work well - sort of clashing with the heels but matching their colours.

The bag I just found finished the outfit, it matched the navy in the shoes and complimented the denim nicely - it isn't photographed here but I also popped a daffodil in it for good measure!

(Trainers: Adidas)