So it's getting to that time of year again, where everything online suddenly goes Coachella related! An email dropped into my inbox from Missguided last week asking if I'd like to style up a Coachella inspired outfit! Of course I accepted, and this is the result...

Unfortunately our British weather doesn't quite let me dress how I would do for Coachella, but this is just an inspired post from their new spring/summer range. I think layers at any festival are important, weather can be temperamental and it does get a lot chillier at night if you aren't wearing that alcohol jacket, haha!

 Bum bags, or rucksacks like this one, come in SO handy. You only need essentials, so you don't want to be lugging around a huge handbag!

So I'm wearing a hat and sunnies here... but be warned, drunk people like to steal these off of your head in crowds! I had a pair of £200 Miu Miu's taken off of my head during Red Hot Chili Peppers last year at the Isle of Wight festival, by a group of drunk boys... who lost them!!! So consequently I went mad. Thankfully however they made it to the barrier and I got them back - there is a lord! In theory though, Coachella is hot and sunny - so a hat and sunnies make all the sense! 
This is a cute little straw hat which I think would be good for holidays too - as you can see it wasn't particularly sunny (like I said, Isle of Wight... Not California) so I popped my sunnies (Miu Miu) onto the hat. I think these sunglasses are such a festivally piece, but you can't go wrong with Ray Bans either!

The boots are the cutest things. I felt very Stevie Nicks taking these photos! Boots are great because they give your feet some protection from the stomping and pushing of crowds of people, they look stylish and they can take a bit more mud than other pretty footwear! 

Tassels and crochet are (supposedly, don't ask me!!) going to be big this summer. The jacket matches perfectly with the boots and just adds to that festival feel. It's also the softest thing in this galaxy, AND keeps you warm.
Underneath I've layered with this tasselled cardigan which just adds to the tassels on the dress and means if the jacket was taken off, they'd still be in interesting outer-layer!

 I've actually layered a lilac t shirt on under the dress too just to spice things up a bit and give additional warmth! 

Sorry for the photo spam on these, but I took this post more seriously than normal! I've also tried to nail that moody posing look... it's work in progress right now... 

What festivals are you guys planning on this year? Anybody off to Coachella?!