It felt only fitting to post this camel ensemble today after spending the day taking selfies with camels in Egypt. Sometimes it's nice to style outfits out of your normal comfort zones, and I've always given a stab at camel colours. 

 Something about this skirt made me think, yep, I'm having you - so I built the outfit up around it. I think equally it would look good tucked in with a slouchy top and sandals for in Egypt right now, but this was chilly London so I went for tights (which I avoid at all costs) this cute striped cami (I hope double stripe isn't like double denim) and this cute fringed jacket. Sort of a cow girl vibe...

I actually left the hat in Costa, clearly my mind was elsewhere after Tinder-ing with Arabella over lunch! I went for my new favourite boots of the moment, these monochrome Vagabond's, just to tie in with the colour pallet.

A very Calamity Jane look... I'm sure you'll agree!

Boots: Vagabond @ Cloggs