As I'm sure you've all heard me say 100 times, I am from the Isle of Wight! Originally I worked with Shore Projects over the summer, whilst on 'the island', snapping some photos of their beach inspired watches.
They've now released Shore Projects 2, which replaces the interchangeable fabric straps, with either gold, black, silver or rose gold mesh straps - a more urban looking design. Still being named after seaside towns, I went for my closest to home, Cowes, which was the silver design. 

Maybe it's because I'm a seaside town girl at heart, spending much of my childhood also visiting the Cornish-y towns which the watches are also named of, but I've been a fan of Shore since I first saw their watches, and their concept, at a press day earlier last year!

I love the idea of these 'metals' watches though, they're definitely more of a 'dressy' watch in comparison to the fabric ones. To me Shore Projects 1 make a great daytime watch, changing the strap to match your colour scheme of the day, but Shore Projects 2 make a much more sophisticated, urban, look - being able to pick one which matches your worn metal of choice. 

Until recently I only ever wore gold, but now I've decided mixing metals IS OK after all, so I've finally been able to experiment. Coincidentally silver would have been my choice after acquiring a few silver Pandora items recently, so when I saw that watch was named 'Cowes', I knew it was meant to be! I got a lot of compliments when wearing this watch, and the best thing about it is despite it being metal - you don't have to worry about having any links or anything taken out or added, as it is easily adjustable!

My Grafea has silver hard wear, likewise the zip and belt detailing on this skirt, so I felt a silver theme could easily be achieved, complementing the watch!

You guys know me, I'm not REALLY a trainer person (apart from my baby pink Reebok Classics, or light up Topshop ones...). Especially not a Nike Air Max one, but my feet are destroyed from poor footwear choices, so I've decided to try and embrace the 'cool and edgy' trainer trend...  I think all black trainers ARE cool, and if you wear them the right way, you hopefully don't give off the Vicky Pollard vibe! 
Get The Label, who sent me these, have another pair to give away to somebody on my instagram! Any of their Air Max styles, just post a photo either of me in Air Max, or a photo of a style from their site. T&C is make sure you're following both myself @charlottefisher and them @getthelabel with the hashtag #getthecharlotteairmax - simple! 

I also thought it was about time I joined the 'Kardashian coat trend', although I mention them all the time (don't blame me, I work in social media and THEY ARE social media), I'm not an avid fan of them or their style... HOWEVER I do bloody love this coat...

*This post was sponsored by Shore Projects, but all opinions are honest and my own - to find out more about sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer.