I feel like I've finally got my mojo back, so I hope that is beginning to show again through my blog! I'm having a lot of fun dressing more like 'me' again, and really just not worrying about what everybody else is up to. 

When I saw this cactus skirt I figured, what's not to love? I loved the spikey plant growing up (but I do remember I once got an infection from a spike after touching loads in B&Q) and I love the emoji of the cactus now, so I decided it was a good piece of clothing. The colours are great too, pink and mint - which happens to be a favourite combination of mine.

These loafers recently stole my heart, I can see me living in these and the pink pair I own for the rest of the month!

Grafea have also brought out satchel versions of their rucksacks, which of course I had to get my hands on! I went for pink because... well, you know...

Like always I'm colour coordinated down to my hair band. I wish I could be as free as some of you guys who don't mind mixing things up a bit, but honestly I get a little uncomfortable when I'm not Mrs Matchy. My worst enemy is pinks because they even clash with each other.

As the skirt was the feature point of this outfit, I styled around it. As my hair was pinky lilac, I figured I'd style the other colours and just also make my make up very statement pink. I love a good turtle neck, so this one (which is also cheap as chips) fit the bill perfectly being nice and minty. 

The loafers also contain white chain detail, so I decided to incorporate white into this minty pink combo. The hair band was mint and white which was perfect, so I just went for this white fitted blazer to complete my look. I've sort of clashed casual with the fun prints, with smart with the loafers and blazer.

The bag really is cute, and long awaited. I've needed a nice little satchel for a while! This one even comes with a cheeky key if you want to keep people out of your bad/stop them stealing your snacks.

I really wanted a desert background for this cactus look, but sadly the Isle of Wight is lacking one of those so I made up for it on Brook Beach, on these slippery stones which almost made me fall to my death.